New camera, new adventures, sunset

So happy to have got my new camera for the impending trip to Australia. having bought my Sony a200 around 8 years ago it did me well, but now was the perfect time to get my upgrade. Advertisements

Hot tub, feet up

I’ve not had much chance to put my feet up over the last few years, and I’ve been left yearning for a chill out relaxing holiday for some time.

Having rejig ready for #Walestralia

As you probably already know, I’ll be heading to Australia for a year with my wonderful other half Vicky. We can’t wait! It’s something that’s been on both of our lists for some time and we are finally doing it!

Spotify Shuffle #4

I put all my saved Spotify songs on shuffle and this is the first tune that started playing. An oldie! Get in the shower and sing along! Can never get too much of Bon Jovi – as cheesy as it is, it’s great !

Scribble 26/04/16

Today I’m feeling a bit crestfallen. It’s suddenly hit me that the weekend is over and that I met Lana Parrilla. I held it together during the weekend but… Gah! It’s all here now.

Article writing for Showmasters

So, I did a thing for Showmasters! I’m now on a team of volunteers who are writing articles for Showmasters Events’ website, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s giving me a chance to find out more about the guests who are attending our events this year, and is providing me with the opportunity to hone…

Scribble 25/04/16

Usually I have issues expressing my feelings… Sometimes I don’t. But after those days during which I’ve told people exactly how I feel, I start feeling guilty for having done so. Silly, really, isn’t it? Once, when I was still in college, I started scribbling. Just a page a day with a scribble showing how…

Australia; planning

So I’m sitting here by my desk and I suddenly realise that I’ll be in Australia in less than 6 months… And I’m really bloody excited! I genuinely can’t wait to get my butt over to the biggest island out there, to see the kangaroos and to run away from sharks when I’m paddling in…

Last year, Lara went climbing

A year ago today, on March 27th 2015 I climbed the puya chilnesis that was flowering in the Great Glasshouse at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. Took me a few hours to battle with the razor sharp leaves at ground level then even longer to climb up to the flowers in order to get a…

Trip hop; my soundtrack to this morning

Trip-hop is a genre, apparently… And within this genre are a plethora od tunes that I truly love. I love chill out but bassy grooves. This is the mix that’s helping me work today.

Some relaxing sounds

This is the soundtrack to one of my all time favourite games, Flower, which is available on the Playstation. If ever I need to chill out and relax but I still want to play games, I play this. It’s just gorgeous. Take a listen.

Failing on the blogging front

I’ve fallen behind with my blogging (again). I’ve had WAY too much going on… AND I’ve encountered a problem; it’s really difficult to blog whilst driving (no, I haven’t tried, but you know what I mean)!

London bound!

I’m on my way to London ready for Showmasters’ first Film and Comic Convention of the year – I can’t wait to catch up with everyone and get my blue shirt back on!

Miss Fortune

So, it seems The Coral have written a song about me.

February 23rd – Challenge 365

23 – today I feel secure in the knowledge that my life will be ok. Well, at least as ok as it can be without factoring in random stochastic change. I feel in secure in the knowledge that I will be spending much of my life with my love, Vicky, and I can’t wait for…


I went walking in the Garden today. Even in the winter months there are flowers to see; snowdrops, daffodils, hazel… And that’s just some of what you can see outside.

February 20th – Challenge 365

20 – I drive a bright green Chevrolet Spark, which I love. It looks funny – which I like – it’s cheap to tax and has fairly good fuel consumption.

Con season; almost here!

So it begins again… Hoards of people travelling all over the country to attend events where at which TV and movie stars, comic artists, sports people and cosplayers gather to rejoice in the crazy world that is comicon.

February 18th – Challenge 365

18 – my biggest hope is to carry on doing what I’m doing at the moment; loving, working, having fun, attending awesome events and living life to the full without too much depression seeping on in.

February 17th – Challenge 365

17 – the last new thing I tried was cheesecake. I’d never liked cheesecake before… But my boss made a MASSIVE cheesecake one day for a lunch meeting we had, and my GOD it was gorgeous. Since then my other half has bought cheesecake and I’ve loved both of them. So I do believe that…

Here we go!

So yesterday my gorgeous Vicky and I applied for our visa for our working holiday to Australia.

February 15th – Challenge 365

15 – the last thing I really wanted but I didn’t get was a new DSLR; I LOVE taking photographs and it’s one of my main hobbies, but I really didn’t need a new camera. My trusty old Sony a200 still works perfectly and it’s wonderful… But sometimes I think it would be nice to…

February 14th – Challenge 365

14 – I don’t often count the hours I sleep, but after getting back from work after midnight I got to bed fairly soon afterwards. I was so glad to be able to share cuddles and cwtches with my love; she always calms me and helps me sleep.

February 13th – Challenge 365

13 – I am currently reading Matter by the wonderful Iain M. Banks. It’s one of his Culture Series books, which I LOVE, and this one, so far, is as excellent as any of the others that I have read.

Spotify Shuffle #3

My music taste is eclectic, to say the least, and today’s Spotify Shuffle harks from the more pop end of the spectrum (though I have literally no idea who she is).

February 10th – Challenge 365

10 – I haven’t bought anything today, mostly due to the fact it’s so damn early… I’m pretty bad at saving though, to be honest; I tend to buy things willy nilly.

February 9th – Challenge 365

9 – I didn’t really look at the clock, but it was fairly late even though I’m extremely exhausted at the moment and can’t seem to get enough sleep, no matter what. I sometimes wish I could just sleep for a week…

Introducing Chad J Moloney

Chad is a tourist; one who is currently spending a lot of time in a town called Llandeilo in South West Wales. He’s having fun but says about the weather it’s just crap – when will it stop raining? 

February 6th – Challenge 365

6 – I wouldn’t really change anything, no… It’s only just begun. Though I might get rid of the roadworks they’re busy doing on my way to work. Those are a pain; I was on time until I got to the roadworks *shakes fist*

February 5th – Challenge 365

5 – on a scale of 1 – 10, my health is probably about 7… I’ve got some sort of chronic fatigue, my mental health is a bit pants at the moment and I have a bad back. Other than that I’m fine, I think.

Petal by Petal

  Petal by petal, I count… She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not… She loves me.

February 3rd – Challenge 365

3 – the last thing I apologised for was probably my scattiness… My brain isn’t working properly at the moment and it’s really getting me down. And I apologise for it A LOT. Sorry.

February 2nd – Challenge 365

2 – I’d like to make a joke about paying someone called William, but alas, I don’t think I paid a Bill at all… So the answer is probably rent, closely followed by fuel for the car.

Spotify Shuffle #2

I’ve always been a fan of Riverdance – I don’t know why, I just love it and the celtic style soundtrack really energises me.

February 1st – Challenge 365

I could go on for hours about my favourite pieces of art that I own, mainly because I oft see at in everything, but apparently try I’ve got to choose just one piece.